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BRM Couscous Golden 24 OZS

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Bob's Red Mill
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    Couscous is a traditional North African and Middle Eastern dish made from precooked coarsely ground semolina, the rich endosperm extracted from durum wheat. Think of it as tiny little pastas. Then, remind yourself that is cooks "table ready" in a scant 5 minutes. Our Golden Couscous has a slightly nutty flavor and hearty texture. Golden Couscous is high in protein and can be a delicious alternative to traditional pastas and white rice. Use it as a bed for stew, meat or vegetables (the way Moroccans do), stir into salads It will absorb the flavors of whatever spices or sauce you are using, making it versatile for most dishes you'd use rice or other pastas with. It can also be combined with fruit, almonds, cinnamon and sugar for a simple dessert.

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    Brand: Bob's Red Mill
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