Organic food is produced by methods complying with the standards of organic farming.

Standards vary worldwide, but organic farming features practices that cycle resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity.

Organic food is grown without the use of synthetic chemicals, such as human-made pesticides and fertilizers.

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AC FR243 Organic yogurt And honey biscuits 250g

0.795 KWD

Alce Nero AC846IN Organic Unfiltered Apple Vinegar 500 ml

1.500 KWD

Alce Nero AC848 Organic Apple Vinegar 500 ml

1.500 KWD

Alce Nero AC849 Organic balsamic vinegar from Modena 250ml

1.250 KWD

Alce Nero BAR022SE Organic Sesame Seeds and Honey Bar 22 g

0.450 KWD

Alce Nero CA030 Organic chamomile tea bags 30g

1.750 KWD

Alce Nero CA075 Organic GF Cacao Powder 75 g

0.995 KWD

Alce Nero CAR350 Organic Artichokes in sunflower and olive oil 330 g

3.995 KWD

Alce Nero CF100 Organic GF Extra Dark Chocolate 100 g

1.500 KWD

Alce Nero CF250 Organic Fairtrade 100% Arabica coffee Moka 250g

2.500 KWD

Alce Nero CF831 Organic plum jam 270g

2.400 KWD

Alce Nero CF832 Organic peach jam 270g

2.400 KWD