BRM 00 Flour Premium Italian Style For Pizza and Pasta 48Oz
3.000 KD
Bob's Red Mill
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    Why "00" Flour? The powder-fine grind of this specialty wheat flour creates a delicate pizza dough that can stretch to a thin crust with puffy, bubbly edges, as well as pasta with smooth texture and soft chew. Plus, the moderate gluten content allows for proper stretch without a lot of spring-back. The result? Dough that won’t tear when stretching or rolling!

    While "00" Flour has been highly sought after by lovers of Neapolitan-style pizza and delicate fresh pasta, it hasn't been widely available to home cooks before now! Travel to Italy without leaving your kitchen: pick up a bag today.

    Good things come to those who bake: DO NOT EAT RAW DOUGH OR BATTER.

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    Brand: Bob's Red Mill
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