Clear Spring Organic GF Japanese Tofu - Soya Bean Curd 300g
1.000 KD
Clear Spring
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    Clearspring's Organic Japanese Tofu is a delicious high-protein and low-fat food that tastes as good as the fresh tofu made in Japan. It is ready to enjoy straight from the pack and is extremely versatile - perfect for use in numerous savory and sweet dishes.

    Our producer has been dedicated to perfecting Tofu since 1973 and produces Clearspring’s unique-recipe Organic Japanese tofu using only 3 ingredients: fresh water, whole soya beans and nigari (a naturally occurring mineral-rich coagulant derived from seawater).

    We have always focused on developing new innovative organic foods which combine tradition with convenience, economical production with ecological sustainability and quality without compromise. It took several years to develop this creamy smooth Long Life Organic Tofu in line with these principles.

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